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Watch Ray Chen’s Hilarious Blind Instrument Test Video

Ray Chen_Old Violin House

This is a blind test like you’ve never seen before. 2009 Queen Elisabeth Competition top prize winner Ray Chen willingly underwent a blind test at the behest of Fred Oster Violins to determine if a violin is a Stradivarius or not. Normally, researchers would be using blind folds to keep subjects from knowing what they’re playing on. Chen, however, was ... Read More »

Online Violin Shops Based in Indonesia

PT Indonesia Strings_Old Violin House

Indonesia is by far the world’s largest archipelago and the largest country in the entire Southeast Asian region by sheer land area, so it comes as a surprise that when you try to do a search for an online violin store based therein, veritable results are few and far between. This is the reason why we compiled everything we’ve found ... Read More »