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From the WW1 Trenches: Stories Etched on a Violin Diary

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Now here’s one oddity story that we just recently got wind of: a certain Ernest Johnson took self-expression with his violin to the next level, using it as a diary to detail his WW1 exploits. What used to be the stuff of family legends is already capturing mass interest… for an entirely understandable reason. Yes, it’s not as detailed (or as ... Read More »

This Old Stager Thinks Your Violin Recital Program is a Yawn Fest (VIDEO)

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So you think you’ve already mastered the art of programming for a violin recital, eh? Please take the time to listen to this old stager – you might want to think again. In this video masterclass he conducted for The Violin Channel, great American violin virtuoso Aaron Rosand tackled “The Lost Art of Violin Recital.” Watch, and learn: Ah, this ... Read More »