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5 Star CH Diao Beijing Workshop Master violin unfinished [CH Diao]

About Baroque music and how different it is from classical music

The Baroque ideal is an arch of sound, appropriately well-sustained and well-proportioned. For Baroque music to get airborne,the line must soar. The bow is like the breath of a singer. To quote Donington : “Phrases generally go to a peak note, which is often though not always the highest note, and then relax to a note given away at the end. There is the unit; that much, and no less nor more, is the phrase; and it is for our own musicianship to recognize the fact. Nothing in the notation and nothing in the historical evidence, is going to show us the pattern if our own musicianship does not.” To achieve this, the modern violinist (with modern instrument) would have to slow down the bow, use less of it, and play into the string with the hair a little flatter and near the bridge.

Why are Baroque instruments always so expensive.

Because modern violinmakers no longer makes baroque instruments actively, those who do make them charges a high premium for it. Those customers whom I have spoken with actively will know I’ve spent over 1 year searching to make an accurate copy of baroque instruments. After much experimentation, I’m happy to say our current copy is a rather accurate one. If you open up the cello, you will see that even our bass bar is set differently from traditional modern cello.

Buyers, however, should take note there are many many version of baroque instruments. There’s no real standard for it, only a more commonly available one. Our baroque instruments has been tested and examined by 8 baroque orchestral players from Spain, UK and NY, and has been acceptable by their standards.

What’s unique about this baroque instrument

Probably the only baroque violin (design tested by baroque players) being auctioned from under one dollar, and it helps greatly by being quite an accurate copy

Measurements (in mm)
Top: 167. Middle: 110. Bottom: 207. Body Length: 357.

Plus, I will add in this excellent baroque bow, which can be sold in retailer shops for over USD150.

Photos link of bow

Now you can truly experience this instrument in a baroque way!

What’s in the box when I buy this violin?

  • One violin, one violin case & one bow
This item is normally shipped with the Bricks Pilot Case and Cobra Bow
Below is a gallery of photos of this model that has been sold previously.
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After you have made your choice, just drop me an email and I will guide you for the purchase.

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