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New Violins by JP Chow workshop


This is a new violin model with varnishing I developed with JP Chow for a new series of violins. Inspiration came from the Guarneri Cannone violin. I think the red is very nice and the mild antiquating is real pretty.

This is pure oil varnishing, about 30 layers, bought from Napoli (Italy), our good’ol varnish supplier.

More photos here.

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Jehpin Liew
Jehpin is the engine that runs Old Violin House. He designs the website, develops the violins and bow offerings and does the customer service personally to keep in touch with trends and needs. Currently his time is spread among revamping OVH, shortening shipping to 48 hrs, a secret iPhone app and product development at Swenk. His team is spread across Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, London and New York.

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